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Once your divorce is finalized and all of the necessary issues have been resolved, it may be the end of the process for both spouses. For others, however — especially those former couples who have children together and ongoing support obligations — a divorce judgment may not necessarily be set in stone. In some cases, terms may need to be modified due to changing circumstances. In others, enforcement of those terms is necessary.

At the Midtown Manhattan law office of Myburgh Law, P.C., I provide legal representation for individuals in post-judgment enforcement and modification proceedings. If your ex-spouse is not complying with the terms of your divorce decree, or you need to alter the decree for any reason, I can explain your options to you and you can feel confident that I will fight to protect your rights.

Post-Judgment Enforcement Matters

Generally, issues of post-judgment enforcement arise from financial issues, such as the non-payment of child support or failure to pay spousal support. It can also be necessary when a parent violates custody and visitation arrangements that are outlined in the divorce decree.

In these cases, a contempt filing may be appropriate. Filing for contempt may cause the violating spouse to face penalties that can include the suspension of a driver’s license, loss of custody rights, jail time and other sanctions.

Modifications of Divorce Orders

Agreements that outline child support, child custody and spousal maintenance after a divorce may need to be changed for a variety of reasons. Modification requests may arise after a change of conditions, such as a job change, an increase or decrease in income, a change in the needs of the child, or the opportunity to relocate to another school district or state.

If you need to request the modification of your divorce order, or if you wish to object to a modification request from your ex-spouse, hiring a Manhattan divorce modification attorney is an important first step.

Learn More About Your Rights After a Divorce

Post-judgment enforcement and modification matters can result from any significant life change, or from a failure to follow a judge’s order after a divorce. I am ready to help you resolve this family law issue in an effective manner.

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